Selection of stopwatches used for aviation, including mechanical stopwatches, and the Fastime Copilote RW3 - designed by a qualified pilot that will record flight duration, navigation sector times and average speed. Data can also be stored within the 'flight log'.
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  • Fastime 11 Stopwatch

    Fastime 11 Stopwatch


    The Fastime 11 is a versatile stopwatch with an extra large display. Includes a wrist strap, lanyard attachment and a clipboard holder. The Fastime 11 also features a backlight.

  • Fastime Copilote RW3 Wrist Stopwatch (Gunmetal Bezel)

    Fastime Copilote RW3 Wrist Stopwatch (Gunmetal Bezel)

    Ideal for rally co-pilots or aviators, the Fastime Copilote RW3 Wrist Stopwatch is feature packed, with advanced timing features that are also useful for a variety of other applications.  Includes a stopwatch, six linkable countdown/up timers, flight mode, pre-start options and much more.
  • Hanhart Amigo Allsport Mechanical Stopwatch

    Hanhart Amigo Allsport Mechanical Stopwatch

    Ideal for timing single events such as football matches, the Hanhart "Amigo Allsport" features a robust, shock resistant ABS plastic case. Times up to 60 minutes to 1/5 of a second. Shock resistant, ABS plastic case.
  • Hanhart Allsport Mechanical Stopwatch

    Hanhart Allsport Mechanical Stopwatch

    From: £239.94
    Great for referees and general timing, the "Allsport" is a precision engineered chrome stopwatch manufactured in Germany by Hanhart. Times up to 60 min to 1/5 of a second. Flyback option.