Backlight Stopwatches

Stopwatches with backlights are useful when timing in dimly lit situations or during the evening/late at night. Each of the stopwatches within this section feature a dedicated backlight button that will illuminate the screen for a few seconds.
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  • Fastime 28LW Stopwatch

    Fastime 28LW Stopwatch

    £17.94 £19.95
    The Fastime 28LW stopwatch offers a water resistant (to IPX7) case, backlight and a large, easy to read screen with 15mm high digits in a robust, shock resistant case.
  • Fastime 26 Stopwatch

    Fastime 26 Stopwatch

    Professional 500 lap memory stopwatch. Data can be downloaded to a Windows PC. Quad display with a dual countdown timer, pacer, time/date functions and alarm.
  • Fastime 11 Stopwatch

    Fastime 11 Stopwatch


    The Fastime 11 is a versatile stopwatch with an extra large display. Includes a wrist strap, lanyard attachment and a clipboard holder. The Fastime 11 also features a backlight.

  • Fastime 500DM2 Decimal Minute Stopwatch

    Fastime 500DM2 Decimal Minute Stopwatch

    £54.96 £58.80
    Ideal for time and motion/work studies, industrial process timing or scientific use. The Fastime 500DM2 Stopwatch is packed with features, including a pacer, advanced stroke rate, dual repeating countdown function, backlight, time of day, alarm and decimal timing.
  • Seiko S058 Stopwatch

    Seiko S058 Stopwatch

    Professional stopwatch with a 100 lap memory, 3 timing modes and repeating countdown timers. Times up to 100 hours at 1/100th of a second. Also features an LED backlight for night-time viewing.
  • Fastime Copilote RW3 Wrist Stopwatch (Gunmetal Bezel)

    Fastime Copilote RW3 Wrist Stopwatch (Gunmetal Bezel)

    Ideal for rally co-pilots or aviators, the Fastime Copilote RW3 Wrist Stopwatch is feature packed, with advanced timing features that are also useful for a variety of other applications. Includes a stopwatch, six linkable countdown/up timers, flight mode, pre-start options and much more.