Stopwatches useful for timing work out sessions, running and general fitness training. Some of the stopwatches within this section feature a particularly useful function for timing work outs - the 'interval timer' or 'dual repeating' countdown. Interval timers allow you to set two separate countdowns and then automatically alternate between the two - great for timing an activity, followed by a rest period, activity, rest etc.
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  • Hanhart Lumen Mechanical Stopwatch

    Hanhart Lumen Mechanical Stopwatch

    Hanhart's precision mechanical 'Lumen' stopwatch features a unique luminous dial, making it perfect for night-time sports/athletics timing, and within industry and laboratories.
  • Seiko S143 Stopwatch

    Seiko S143 Stopwatch

    Professional level stopwatch manufactured by Seiko. The Seiko S143 offers a three-line display screen with a 300 lap/split segmented memory. Suitable for use with the Seiko SP12 Printer to print results immediately after they are recorded.