General Use

Digital stopwatches can be used to time any number of activities and events. In this category you can find a selection of popular handheld stopwatches that are great general use timers, with a range of prices to suit most budgets.
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  • Fastime 0 Stopwatch

    Fastime 0 Stopwatch

    The Fastime 0 is an economy stopwatch that is suitable for non-critical event timing such as football matches. A simple, digital display and basic timing functionality make the Fastime 0 a good choice for those on a budget who only require a simple stopwatch for occasional use.
  • Saturn Viking 1 Stopwatch

    Saturn Viking 1 Stopwatch

    Entry level stopwatch, with basic, easy to use timing functions at a budget price. Also includes time of day, date and an alarm with snooze. Easy to change battery using the rear battery door. Please note: This product is currently out of stock.
  • Fastime 01 (Black) Stopwatch

    Fastime 01 (Black) Stopwatch

    The Fastime 01 is an excellent budget model stopwatch, suitable for timing of events such as football matches. A clear, single display readout with simple functionality. Black case.
  • Fastime 25 Stopwatch

    Fastime 25 Stopwatch

    The Fastime 25 stopwatch offers budget level features, wide buttons and a rear battery door. Extra large digits. Single line display readout with triple mode functions (stopwatch, time of day and alarm). This product is currently out of stock.
  • Fastime 1 Stopwatch

    Fastime 1 Stopwatch

    Single display stopwatch with large, easy to read digits. Water resistant and robust case. Suitable for non-critical event timing. The Fastime 1 is an excellent, basic stopwatch for timing a wide range of activities such as football matches and training sessions.
  • Fastime 28LW Stopwatch

    Fastime 28LW Stopwatch

    The Fastime 28LW stopwatch offers a water resistant (to IPX7) case, backlight and a large, easy to read screen with 15mm high digits in a robust, shock resistant case.
  • Fastime 29 Stopwatch

    Fastime 29 Stopwatch

    The Fastime 29 is a feature packed stopwatch with 30 lap memory, a pacer, 3 countdown timers, adjustable contrast and display cut-off to extend battery life when not in use.
  • Seiko W073 Stopwatch

    Seiko W073 Stopwatch

    One of the biggest brand names in precision timing, Seiko's W073 stopwatch features a dual display with 10 lap/split memory. Silent timing mode, time/date, alarm and water resistant.
  • Fastime 14 Stopwatch

    Fastime 14 Stopwatch

    The Fastime 14 is an advanced, feature packed professional stopwatch with a 500 lap segmented memory. A triple display with a countdown timer, pacer, stroke rate, speed conversion and more.
  • Seiko S062 Stopwatch

    Seiko S062 Stopwatch

    The Seiko S062 is a professional solar powered stopwatch with a 300 lap memory, 3 timing modes and repeating countdown timers. Times up to 100 hours at 1/100th of a second. Includes adjustable contrast function and power saving modes.
  • Hanhart Amigo Mechanical Stopwatch

    Hanhart Amigo Mechanical Stopwatch

    Budget mechanical stopwatch from Hanhart that is ideal for timing short events that don't require split second measurements to be taken. Shock resistant. Flyback facility.
  • Hanhart Allsport Mechanical Stopwatch

    Hanhart Allsport Mechanical Stopwatch

    From: £239.94
    Great for referees and general timing, the "Allsport" is a precision engineered chrome stopwatch manufactured in Germany by Hanhart. Times up to 60 min to 1/5 of a second. Flyback option.