Mechanical Stopwatches

Range of precision engineered mechanical/analogue stopwatches manufactured by Hanhart in Germany.
One of Europe's largest and oldest manufacturers of mechanical stopwatches, Hanhart have been producing a range of high quality 'traditional' style stopwatches suitable for sports, leisure and industrial use since 1882.
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  • Hanhart Amigo Quartz Stopwatch

    Hanhart Amigo Quartz Stopwatch


    The new Amigo Quartz Stopwatch is manufactured in Germany by Hanhart. A battery powered quartz movement powers this tradition style stopwatch.

  • Hanhart Amigo Mechanical Stopwatch

    Hanhart Amigo Mechanical Stopwatch

    Budget mechanical stopwatch from Hanhart that is ideal for timing short events that don't require split second measurements to be taken. Shock resistant. Flyback facility.
  • Hanhart Amigo Allsport Mechanical Stopwatch

    Hanhart Amigo Allsport Mechanical Stopwatch

    Ideal for timing single events such as football matches, the Hanhart "Amigo Allsport" features a robust, shock resistant ABS plastic case. Times up to 60 minutes to 1/5 of a second. Shock resistant, ABS plastic case.
  • Hanhart Decimal Mechanical Stopwatch

    Hanhart Decimal Mechanical Stopwatch

    Decimal minute timer. Measures up to 30 minutes at 1/100 of a minute. Suitable for industrial use, or time and motion studies. Lightweight and easy to handle. Black ABS plastic case.
  • Hanhart Lumen Mechanical Stopwatch

    Hanhart Lumen Mechanical Stopwatch

    Hanhart's precision mechanical 'Lumen' stopwatch features a unique luminous dial, making it perfect for night-time sports/athletics timing, and within industry and laboratories.
  • Hanhart Allsport Mechanical Stopwatch

    Hanhart Allsport Mechanical Stopwatch

    Great for referees and general timing, the "Allsport" is a precision engineered chrome stopwatch manufactured in Germany by Hanhart. Times up to 60 min to 1/5 of a second. Flyback option.
  • Hanhart Robust Mechanical Stopwatch

    Hanhart Robust Mechanical Stopwatch

    Hanhart's "Robust" mechanical stopwatch is ideal for industrial use and craftsmen, especially in the chemical industry, paint workshops and photographic laboratories.