Silent Stopwatches

Digital stopwatches are known for their, sometimes unwanted, beeps and bleeps. Fortunately, there is a solution! Stopwatches without beeps, or those featuring with a 'silent' mode - the ability to disable beeps, are also available.
Such stopwatches are popular in educational settings, for example classrooms where multiple stopwatches in simultaneous use might cause distractions or for invigilators during exams. Silent stopwatches are also used in the media and in theatres.
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  • Fastime 3 Stopwatch

    Fastime 3 Stopwatch

    £18.24 £19.25
    The Fastime 3 offers silent (no beep) operation and a water and shock resistant case. 10mm high LCD digits. Suitable for timing single events, and games such as football and rugby. Please note: This product is currently out of stock.
  • Fastime 4 Stopwatch

    Fastime 4 Stopwatch

    £18.24 £19.80
    Ideal for circuit timing, including track and field events, cycling and coaching/training use. The Fastime 4 can switch between cumulative and lap split times whilst timing is in operation.
  • Seiko W073 Stopwatch

    Seiko W073 Stopwatch

    One of the biggest brand names in precision timing, Seiko's W073 stopwatch features a dual display with 10 lap/split memory. Silent timing mode, time/date, alarm and water resistant.
  • Fastime 14 Stopwatch

    Fastime 14 Stopwatch

    The Fastime 14 is an advanced, feature packed professional stopwatch with a 500 lap segmented memory. A triple display with a countdown timer, pacer, stroke rate, speed conversion and more.
  • Seiko SoundProducer Stopwatch

    Seiko SoundProducer Stopwatch

    The Seiko S351 SoundProducer is the essential stopwatch designed for use in the recording/broadcast industry. Adds/subtracts times in hours, minutes and second and stores the result for use in Timer and Stopwatch modes.