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  • Fastime 23 Stopwatch

    Fastime 23 Stopwatch

    The Fastime 23 allows the user to switch between cumulative and lap split times whilst timing. Counts up to 9 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds. Times 1/100th sec. Water resistant and shock resistant case.
  • Fastime 28LW Stopwatch

    Fastime 28LW Stopwatch

    The Fastime 28LW stopwatch offers a water resistant (to IPX7) case, backlight and a large, easy to read screen with 15mm high digits in a robust, shock resistant case.
  • Fastime 3 Stopwatch

    Fastime 3 Stopwatch

    The Fastime 3 offers silent (no beep) operation and a water and shock resistant case. 10mm high LCD digits. Suitable for timing single events, and games such as football and rugby. Please note: This product is currently out of stock.
  • Fastime 4 Stopwatch

    Fastime 4 Stopwatch

    Ideal for circuit timing, including track and field events, cycling and coaching/training use. The Fastime 4 can switch between cumulative and lap split times whilst timing is in operation.
  • Fastime 20 Stopwatch

    Fastime 20 Stopwatch

    The FastimeĀ 20 stopwatch features a dual display and a 10 lap memory. Includes a repeating countdown, pacer mode (Adjustable from 10 to 240 beeps per minute), fastest/slowest lap times and time/date/alarm functionality.
  • Fastime 27 Stopwatch

    Fastime 27 Stopwatch

    Quadruple row display stopwatch with 80 lap memory. Features a repeating countdown timer, pacer mode and time/date/alarm functionality. Rubberised, water resistant case with ergonomic buttons.
  • Fastime 29 Stopwatch

    Fastime 29 Stopwatch

    The Fastime 29 is a feature packed stopwatch with 30 lap memory, a pacer, 3 countdown timers, adjustable contrast and display cut-off to extend battery life when not in use.
  • Fastime 21 Stopwatch

    Fastime 21 Stopwatch

    3 row display stopwatch with a 100 lap memory. The Fastime 21 boasts a repeating countdown timer, pacer mode and time/date/alarm functionality, packed into a water resistant case.
  • Saturn Pioneer 100 Stopwatch

    Saturn Pioneer 100 Stopwatch

    Professional timing to 1/1000th of second. Repeating countdown/interval timer. 100 lap memory. Dedicated football, basketball and boxing/interval timers. Pacer. Vibrate function.
  • Seiko W073 Stopwatch

    Seiko W073 Stopwatch

    One of the biggest brand names in precision timing, Seiko's W073 stopwatch features a dual display with 10 lap/split memory. Silent timing mode, time/date, alarm and water resistant.
  • Fastime 7 Stopwatch

    Fastime 7 Stopwatch

    The Fastime 7 is a professional 100 lap memory stopwatch with a 3 line display. Features a repeating countdown/up timer, pacer (5-240 paces), time/date, alarm. Water and shock resistant case.
  • Fastime 26 Stopwatch

    Fastime 26 Stopwatch

    Professional 500 lap memory stopwatch. Data can be downloaded to a Windows PC. Quad display with a dual countdown timer, pacer, time/date functions and alarm.