Triple Display Stopwatches

Triple display stopwatches are excellent for coaching and more professional use. This type of stopwatch can show cumulative, last split and current running time simultaneously. Triple Display Stopwatches generally feature more lap memory than most other models.
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  • Fastime 29 Stopwatch

    Fastime 29 Stopwatch

    Feature packed stopwatch with 30 lap memory, a pacer, 3 countdown timers, adjustable contrast and display cut-off to extend battery life when not in use.
  • Fastime 21 Stopwatch

    Fastime 21 Stopwatch

    3 row display stopwatch with a 100 lap memory. The Fastime 21 boasts a repeating countdown timer, pacer mode and time/date/alarm functionality, packed into a water resistant case.
  • Saturn Apollo 500 Stopwatch

    Saturn Apollo 500 Stopwatch

    The Saturn Apollo 500 is feature packed professional stopwatch, offering a large 500 lap segmented memory, a quad display with both single and dual repeating countdown/interval timers, pacer, time/date functions and alarm.
  • Saturn Pioneer 100 Stopwatch

    Saturn Pioneer 100 Stopwatch

    Professional timing to 1/1000th of second. Repeating countdown/interval timer. 100 lap memory. Dedicated football, basketball and boxing/interval timers. Pacer. Vibrate function.
  • Fastime 7 Stopwatch

    Fastime 7 Stopwatch

    The Fastime 7 is a professional 100 lap memory stopwatch with a 3 line display. Features a repeating countdown/up timer, pacer (5-240 paces), time/date, alarm. Water and shock resistant case.
  • Fastime 9 Stopwatch

    Fastime 9 Stopwatch

    Triple display stopwatch with a 100 lap memory. Stroke rate function. Rugged, water resistant and shock resistant case. Time and date. Ideal for timing swimming and rowing activities.
  • Fastime 10 Stopwatch

    Fastime 10 Stopwatch

    Simple to use stopwatch with a 100 lap memory. Easy to use, one button data capture facility. Triple display shows cumulative, last split and running time. Water and shock resistant case. Time and date functions.
  • Fastime 14 Stopwatch

    Fastime 14 Stopwatch

    The Fastime 14 is an advanced, feature packed professional stopwatch with a 500 lap segmented memory. A triple display with a countdown timer, pacer, stroke rate, speed conversion and more.
  • Fastime 500DM Decimal Minute Stopwatch

    Fastime 500DM Decimal Minute Stopwatch

    500 lap segmented memory with decimal timing features - great for time and motion / work studies. Also includes a repeating countdown timer, pacer, stroke rate, time of day and alarm.
  • Rechargeable Speed Trackers

    Rechargeable Speed Trackers

    Designed for use in schools, Rechargeable Speed Trackers offer a simple way to measure average speed over a pre-determined distance. Great for Maths, Science and PE lessons. Set of 10.
  • Seiko S141 Stopwatch

    Seiko S141 Stopwatch

    Advanced professional level stopwatch with 300 lap memory (single and segmented). Features stroke rate function, adjustable contrast and memory capacity / battery indicators. Please note: Limited stock available. More due late March/early April.
  • Seiko S143 Stopwatch

    Seiko S143 Stopwatch

    Professional use stopwatch by Seiko. Triple display screen with 300 lap/split segmented memory. Suitable for use with the Seiko SP12 Printer to print results immediately after they are recorded.