Work Study

Decimal minute stopwatches suitable for work study / time and motion studies. Handheld decimal timers that measure to 1/100th of a minute, allowing work cycles and processes to be timed accurately and efficiently.
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  • Fastime 500DM Decimal Minute Stopwatch

    Fastime 500DM Decimal Minute Stopwatch

    £49.44 £56.00
    Suitable for time and motion / work studies, industrial or scientific timing, the Fastime 500DM (Decimal Minute) stopwatch is packed with features, including a pacer, stroke rate, repeating countdown, time of day, alarm and decimal second/minute timing.
  • Hanhart Decimal Mechanical Stopwatch

    Hanhart Decimal Mechanical Stopwatch

    Decimal minute timer. Measures up to 30 minutes at 1/100 of a minute. Suitable for industrial use, or time and motion studies. Lightweight and easy to handle. Black ABS plastic case.