Wrist Stopwatches

The majority of the stopwatches available from Saturn Stopwatches are handheld devices, usually supplied with a lanyard so that they can be worn around the neck. However, that's not always convenient, so we also offer stopwatches suitable for being worn on the wrist.
These wrist stopwatches include the Fastime 11 - with it's large digit, easy to read display with backlight that is ideal for referees and simple timing, and the Fastime Copilote RW3 Wrist Stopwatch - perfect for aviators and rally co-pilots!
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  • Fastime 11 Stopwatch

    Fastime 11 Stopwatch


    The Fastime 11 is a versatile stopwatch with an extra large display. Includes a wrist strap, lanyard attachment and a clipboard holder. The Fastime 11 also features a backlight.

  • Fastime Copilote RW3 Wrist Stopwatch (Gunmetal Bezel)

    Fastime Copilote RW3 Wrist Stopwatch (Gunmetal Bezel)

    Ideal for rally co-pilots or aviators, the Fastime Copilote RW3 Wrist Stopwatch is feature packed, with advanced timing features that are also useful for a variety of other applications.  Includes a stopwatch, six linkable countdown/up timers, flight mode, pre-start options and much more.